Straight out of The Camp | Chaker Khazaal #475

We're thrilled to have the incredible Chaker Khazaal as our guest. Chaker, a Lebanese-Swedish writer and journalist, is renowned for his thought-provoking essays and articles on identity, culture, and politics, […]

Welcome to "A² The Show" – your ticket to the human mind's wild rollercoaster! We're a crew of pals from Lebanon, now globally scattered, who combat homesickness with friendship, gaming, fiery chats, and a sprinkle of controversy. Our podcast is more than just words; it's a fun-fueled rebellion against the everyday, and a beacon in the mental health fog. With a diverse lineup of guests who've braved the depths of the human psyche, we're here to inspire resilience, provoke thought, and tickle your funny bone. So strap in for a journey through the human mind's crazy maze. It's like your favorite videogame, but the cheat codes are science, empathy, and a dash of madness. Dive into "A² The Show" – your unforgettable adventure starts here!

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